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Chimneys and Fireplaces

The Lehigh Valley’s Chimney Specialists

Keen Masonry is the Lehigh Valley’s premier chimney specialist, and we’re ready to get your chimney looking and working great again! We’re equipped to handle all the different kinds of work your chimney might need, from the smallest repair to complete reconstruction.

The professionals at Keen Masonry work on all materials, including brick, stone and stucco. During the process of reconstruction, we’re always ready to tackle hidden problems as we find them such as rotten wood replacement and installation of new watertight roof flashing. We even provide custom chimney covers and chimney caps, helping you to protect your investment.

Our offerings include the following services:
  • Repointing brick and stone
  • Crown replacement
  • Custom cast in place concrete caps
  • Complete chimney reconstruction
  • Chimney/roofline flashing replacement
  • Custom-sized stainless steel chimney covers
  • Rotten wood replacement
  • Flue pipe lining
  • Water proofing

Not only are we able to work on your exterior chimney and the inner workings of this structure, we can also fix your fireplace! Without proper attention from a professional fireplace company like Keen Masonry, an old, dirty, or damaged fireplace can not only be an eyesore in your home, but a major hazard. With Keen on your side, maintaining a wood burning fireplace or a gas fireplace doesn’t have to be a source of stress!

We’ll help you deal with any problems that your fireplace is causing so that you can have a beautiful centerpiece in your home that functions like a dream to warm you up on chilly nights. Whether you’re looking to have a new fireplace installed or switch to an eco-friendly insert that turns on with a simple remote control, Keen has you covered. Let our fireplace maintenance specialists help you out!

Our Masonry fireplace services include:

  • New fireplace installation
  • New fireplace façades
  • Upgraded fireplace façades
  • Damper repair and replacement
  • Smoke chamber lining
  • Ash/cleanout door replacement
  • Reclaimed wood mantels
  • Wood fireplace inserts
  • Masonry to insert fireplace conversion

With Keen’s help, maintaining and cleaning your fireplace can be safe and easy, making it simple to use your fireplace, remove ash, and prevent chimney fires caused by soot and creosote building up inside.

Is your chimney or fireplace giving you trouble? Don’t wait– contact Keen Masonry for help today! With our expert knowledge and exceptional customer service, we’re ready to handle any problem you throw our way.

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