Bricks are a highly durable construction material with a lot of benefits to offer, including high strength, temperature regulation, and longevity. However, no construction material lasts forever, and like many other facets of an older building, bricks and other masonry will eventually require some level of restoration. If your home or business is located inside a building with bricks that have become worn or damaged over time, you can do yourself a lot of good by contacting a professional company like Keen Masonry to discuss a restoration! 

Why Masonry Restoration is Key

Getting your brickwork restored is an essential part of staying in an older building! The process keeps the masonry looking beautiful and staying sound over the years. Here are some of the benefits to restoring your masonry.

Improve Appearance

The most obvious reason to restore your bricks is because it will provide an instant face lift to your building! Cleaning and repointing the brickwork will dramatically improve its appearance, making your home or business location look newer, neater, and more attractive.

Maintain Structural Integrity

Damaged and degraded masonry isn’t just visually unappealing, but can pose an issue in terms of safety as well. Aged bricks can decrease the structural integrity of your building, and the longer they go without getting the proper attention from a professional, the worse the damage will become. Heading off this problem with a restoration is the best way to maintain safety!

Increase Property Value

Restoring the bricks of your property is a great way to boost its value and draw, whether you’re a commercial business hoping to attract new customers or you’re planning to sell your home somewhere down the line!

How to Tell If Your Bricks Need Restoring

So, you think your bricks might need to be restored. How can you tell for sure? Here are a few key indicators of worn-out bricks that you should be keeping an eye on at your home or place of business!


A telltale sign that your brickwork is starting to become a little worse for wear is large cracks appearing in the walls. Small cracks are normal, but larger ones should always be addressed by professionals to avoid any hazards.


“Spalling” is the term for the surface of bricks flaking off. This usually happens due to a combination of age and moisture, when dampness gets into a brick due to cracks or gaps in the mortar joints or freeze and thaw cycles in colder climates.


If your brickwork is starting to look drastically different from its original color due to weathering, staining, or just age, it’s a sign that it’s time for a restoration. While this in and of itself doesn’t pose any major risks to the structural integrity of the building, discolored bricks can be unattractive and require cleaning.


“Efflorescence” is a powdery white substance that appears on the surface of a brick. When moisture gets inside a brick and dissolves the minerals in the material, those minerals are deposited on the brick’s surface when the moisture evaporates, causing this appearance. It’s a sign that your brickwork needs some professional attention!

How to Get Your Bricks Restored

If your brickwork is in need of restoration, now is the time to get in contact with Keen Masonry in New Tripoli, PA! We’re ready to help you get your bricks looking fabulous again. 

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